World Ministries

At Harvest Baptist Church our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. (Mark 16:15) “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”   We do this by supporting missionaries on the foreign field as well as ministries who get the Gospel to the world through donating bibles and through the internet and radio.  Our support continues to help missionaries who have reached their destination and are  currently serving God Through preaching and teaching the Gospel in areas  that are sometimes dangerous or in conditions that might be unfamiliar with our own surroundings.  Some face very real risks for their goal to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every missionary  will tell you that the number one need is prayer. Diligent prayer for our missionaries is absolutely vital.  Another important way to help is to get personally involved with the missionary families. They often live in a culture that is so radically different from what they are used to that they begin to feel isolated. Write to them at their field address. Send them birthday cards. Send them choir tapes. Don’t just send an email – nothing compares with receiving an envelope in the mailbox. Include photos of church activities and other things to help lessen the sense of isolation.   When writing, understand that mail delivery can be far less reliable than we are accustomed to in America. Don’t be surprised if it is delayed for weeks, or if it is simply lost.  


Our Missionaries

The Adams Family



Dr. Joe Adams has fifty plus years of serving the Lord as a pastor, missionary, evangelist, police chaplain, and youth director.  "Saundra and I have had the privilege of serving in ministry to our Kentucky state government for twenty-eight years." He was called to serve those in our legislature and congress.  

The Bach Family



 The Lord has called us to serve Him in remote regions of Southeast Alaska and Northwestern BC, Canada. Johnathan is a 2nd generation missionary, having lived on the field since age 13. His family has been blessed with the opportunity to preach the gospel where there is no clear gospel witness.

The Brown Family



 Visiting with some missionaries in New Zealand, Kevin was struck by the realization that there were millions of children who might never hear the gospel unless someone goes and shares it with them. After Praying with his wife, Kristina, God spoke to him through Jonah 4:2.  And later, a conversation with another missionary impressed on them the need in Croatia, and they answered the call. Email:

The Davis Family



After high school I went to Bible college in Indiana majoring  in missions. This is also where I met my wife. In my “Countries Without Christ” class, God once again impressed the Myanmar peoples on my heart. I even got to take a trip to the Thai–Burma border during my senior year (2008).  We started full-time deputation April of 2015. 

The Granger Family



We are excited about serving the Lord in Mexico. My goal is to win souls, train national pastors and Christian workers, and establish churches in Zacatecas City and also in the mountains of Zacatecas.

Prayer request;

*For growth of the church.

*Needs of the new church plant to be met.

*The bible distribution center needs

*Our health.

*Most importantly souls to be saved.

The Gunter Family



Robert Gunter is a Pastor who ministers to the deaf.  "We are grateful that there is a living God who is always faithful and always near.  The work of His hands has always been evident in everything that He does, and it is exciting to see how God works in our lives, een through the difficulties of life."

Field Address:  13 Marraroo Close; Bayswater North; VIC 3153; Australia

Email Address:

Nathaniel Hudson




While I was at a winter camp retreat at Camp CoBeAc, God called me to preach. Later, I surrendered to serve as a missionary on the mission field.  I took a survey trip to Brazil and God confirmed my burden to take the Gospel to the people of Brazil.  I am excited to follow the Lord’s leading to serve Him in the country of Brazil. 

The Irvin Family



Thomas: At Camp Leatherneck, I taught the bible in the chapel weekly. Men from Uganda, Africa came regularly, they were wonderfully receptive. After returning to Florida, my wife and I would take a trip to the Ssese Islands, Uganda. This is the place we would be ambassadors for Christ. 

Kristen: Thomas and I were married on September 1, 2014. Our goal is to get the gospel out; locally, nationally, and worldwide. 

The Irvin Family




The McIlivain Family



Don married Christina McHenry in October of 1993. In the spring of 1996, the Lord led them to a fundamental Baptist church. It was there that the Lord called Don into mission work. He began training at Crown College in 2000. In May of 2005, he graduated with a degree in missions. The McIlvains are in the country of Mongolia where they are ministering to the nomadic people. They arrived in Ulan Bator in July of 2007.


The Stover Family



God has called us to be church-planting missionaries in the city of Tacna, Perú. Tacna is a city of 350,000 people located near the southern border of Peru., Many Peruvians are Catholic and other religions including: Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, and Muslims are making inroads as well. The need is great and the time is short to share with these people the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Tacket Family


 We are church building missionaries with the C.L.A.I.M. ministry of BIMI. C.L.A.I.M stands for Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries. Our role is to assemble and lead teams of laymen on mission trips to complete church building projects for missionaries on the field.   However, the heart of our ministry is soul-winning. We could build thousands of churches and not one of those would matter if souls are not being reached with the Gospel.  


The Vinson Family



Shawn and Jennifer grew up in Dearborn Baptist Church, have four children and have been Missionaries since 2005. The Vinsons have a vision and a strategy for getting the gospel to Spanish speaking people in South Florida. Their passion is to win souls and plant churches for the glory of God. 


The Wiedmann Family



Jamie: " In 2014 at a missions conference we surrendered our lives to be missionaries. As I was reading Mark 1:38 God called us to the country of England. ... We count it a privilege and a great responsibility to be ambassadors for God to the people of England."

Kimberly: " I am so thankful that the Lord has chosen us to be a part of His work in the United Kingdom. Please pray for us as we take the Gospel to the people of England. "

The Bach Family



After getting married in 1989, Bro Mark and his wife Amy were involved in church planting over the next ten years. Then, in 2000, the Lord called Brother Bach into evangelism. While traveling as an evangelist the Lord gave him the vision for the BEAM ministry. Since moving to Alaska in 2006, he and his family have served in evangelism and church planting in the remote villages of Southeast Alaska and Northwestern BC, Canada.  

Victory Baptist Press


Since our beginning in 1984, the VBP team has printed and shipped millions of Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions, (without charge) to thirty-four foreign countries and to every state in the United States. However, the great need for the Gospel around the world demands that we do more now than ever before.   If you choose to buy from our bookstore, all proceeds will go to the scripture printing ministry. 


Sermon & Song


Sermon and Song, Inc., is a non-profit religious organization founded by the late Dr. J. Bennett Collins in 1961.
Our ministries has always been to present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to as many as possible through  Radio, Printed Page and over the Internet and CD's.  The Sermon and Song Program is heard regularly on many radio stations in the United States and foreign countries, in their languages.